Use a Dymo printer? You need to read this NOW.

UPDATE: Dymo has released an official fix on their blog. You should download it from them at –>  http://download.dymo.com/dymo/Software/Win/DLS8Setup.8.7.1.exe 

Only use the below method if the above method fails for you.

(Original post below)

There is a bug in Dymo’s software that is causing tags to print out extremely slow. This affects almost every check-in system that uses Dymo printers. Don’t worry though, we made a fix (even if you use another system)! We just want your Sunday to go smoothly!

This is not an official Dymo patch. We are not affiliated with Dymo.

Our gift to you…

Works with all check-in systems that use Dymo Web Service!

We want to be good neighbors and open up this fix to churches that use our competitor’s products. We want your Sunday to go smoothly!

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Ryan Frank


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