Introducing Kidmin App 10.0

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Introducing Kidmin App 10.0! We’ve made several improvements to make Kidmin App more intuitive and even easier to use.  We’ve updated the overall look and feel of Kidmin App, moved a few things around, and added additional printer support. 🎉 

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

  • Improved overall* look and feel.
  • Added support for Brother label printers. (currently in BETA testing)
  • Clickable overview available from several screens of current checkins, checkouts, and your database.
  • Live class rosters now have their own tab.
  • Addition of profile avatar, giving quick and easy access to your personal profile and church settings.
  • Access to training videos available directly from sidebar menu.

*Note: For some of our longer-term users with legacy accounts, there are a few pages of Kidmin App that will remain the same.

What’s New?

Improved design.

We improved the overall look and feel of the site, for a more minimal and intuitive design. 😎


Added support for Brother label printers.

Our system is now compatible with Brother label printers. Currently we are beta testing the printers with our Mac users. Support for Windows (as well as iPads! 🙌) coming in later updates. 

Clickable overviews available from several screens.

We’ve added an at-a-glance feature that allows you to see an overview of the current checkins and your database from your dashboard, desk check-in, and database screens – at any point you can see how many kids and guardians you have in your database, along with how many have been checked in and out for your service. 

Click on your “checkins” or “checked out” numbers to get taken to the desk check-in screen. Click the “Kids” or “Guardian” numbers to quickly pull up the corresponding list in your database.


Live  class rosters now have their own tab in left sidebar menu.

We moved live class roster view to the left sidebar and gave them their own tab, making it easier to find; we found that some of our users didn’t realize that the rosters were below the checkins. Live class rosters allow you to see in real time which children are checked in, along with when they checked in, and any allergies. It also includes any volunteers that have checked in to a particular service. 


Added a profile avatar for quick access to personal profile and church settings.

We’ve added a user profile avatar to the top right corner of the screen. The dropdown menu gives you quick and easy access to your profile information and church settings (both are still available under the settings tab on the left sidebar), and this is also where your account log-out button is located. To upload an image for your avatar, go to Your Profile under Settings.


Added access to training videos.

Now there is access to training videos available directly from the dashboard screen. We’ve started with some initial videos covering various ways to add volunteers to your account. More training videos will be added in the coming months that cover the basics of Kidmin App.

Have an idea for a topic you’d like to see covered in a training video? Email your idea to us at, subject “Training Video Topic.”


What’s next?

Over the next several months, our development team will be working to improve some of Kidmin App’s functions and diving into some very helpful feature updates. We’ve had some wonderful feature ideas from many of you – thank you! We will be taking each idea and discussing whether it’s feasible and if it fits the overall vision of the app.