Required Hardware For Kidmin App (and a few tips too!).

Getting started with Kidmin App is simple. You just need a computer (Windows 7 or newer), a printer for the child's labels, and an internet connection. This guide will help walk you through your setup process.


Step 1. Choosing a Computer.

Kidmin App will support any PC running Windows 7 or newer. We also support Macs that are running MacOS 10.14+, however, if you choose a Mac you will be required to use a Brother Label printer as Dymo is no longer supporting MacOS at a level that we feel is acceptable, so we're requiring Brother printers for Mac users.

Note: We do not support Chromebooks as they're unable to run the printer software required. If you need a computer in that price range, we recommend the $399 Walmart Motile laptop.


Step 2. Choose Your Printer.

We support Dymo printers (Dymo 450 and the Dymo 450 Turbo) and we just released beta support for Brother Printers (Brother QL-800) as well! Please note that our support for Brother printers is still in beta, however, the feedback from our churches about Brother printers has been overwhelmingly positive.

The majority of our churches have told us that they prefer Brother printers as they had less issues jamming and appreciate the fact that tags are automatically cut after printing. After our beta testing is complete in the coming weeks, we will be making Brother our recommended printer brand moving forward.

Please note that you cannot mix and match printer brands.

Notice for Mac users, if you choose to use Kidmin App with MacOS, a Brother printer is required.


Step 3. Internet Connection.

Because Kidmin App is a web based application, we require a reliable internet connection. While this isn't an issue for the vast majority of churches, we did want to make sure to point it out to you!


Optional - Kiosk Stations.

A lot of churches find value in setting up self-serve kiosk stations where guardians can check their kids in without help from someone on your team.

You can run a kiosk station on:
  • Any desktop computer that already runs Kidmin App (PC, Mac).
  • Any laptop computer that already runs Kidmin App (PC, Mac).
  • A tablet based on Windows 7 or newer (we like the "Surface Go" line by Microsoft)
  • A touchscreen based Windows PC (Windows 7 or newer)

  • Each kiosk station will require it's own printer.

    Please note: At this time, we do not support iPads as kiosk stations because of the printing requirements. However, we are working on a solution to this and we'll have more to share about iPad support soon.

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