Health Screening Questions Now Available.

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We know this has been a crazy year, so our most recent update focused on making things a little simpler for your ministry. We’ve added an option to enable and customize COVID-19 screening questions for parents to answer prior to checkin. Parents/Guardians must answer “yes” to all questions before they can complete the check-in process for their child.


From the parent or guardian’s mobile app, when they select express check-in, they’ll see the questions and have the option to mark yes or no. If using a desk check-in or Kiosk station, the questions will appear after a child is selected for check-in. 

In order for a parent/guardian or volunteer to complete the check-in process, the system is designed so that all questions must be answered with a “yes,” so keep that in mind when wording screening questions.



By default screen questions are disabled. To enable and customize, go to church settings and find the drop-down menu for the questions. Select the Add/Edit questions link to add and edit questions. Once you’ve input screening questions, click save. Be sure to select Yes from the dropdown menu to enable the questions, and click Save Church to save all changes made. Your screening questions will appear for your next service during checkins.



Does your child have a mask with them?

Has your child been symptom-free for the last 48 hours? (cough, loss of smell and/or taste, fever greater than 100*F)?

To the best of your knowledge, has your child NOT been in close proximity to any individual who tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days?