Updates to Custom Age Ranges, Child Profile Information, & Custom Kiosk Background.


Hey, Hannah from Kidmin App here! We just finished a few more updates to Kidmin App along with an improvement to the webcam capture and image upload. In a nutshell, now you can 1) customize age ranges for Pre-K & under, 2) see the age range or class a child has been placed in, and 3) customize your Kiosk mode background image.


Webcam Capture & Camera Upload Improvement

Some of our users reported issues with the webcam capture and image upload for profile pictures. Those have both been addressed and are ready to use!


See Child’s Age/Grade From Their Profile & Database

Fresh off the developer press! Now when you pull up a child’s profile, you’ll see what age or grade level the system has placed them in. You can also see this information from the database page. (For workaround instructions regarding printing your database report, see our help articles.)

Customize age groups for younger children & addition of Pre-K

Previously our system determined infants, newborns, and toddlers automatically. It is important that your church has the freedom to change these age groups as needed. Custom age groups give users the ability to manage age ranges for their younger children by numbers of days, months, or years.  We also added a section for Pre-K(Note: Grades K-12 are determined based on the promotion date. For more information, see our help articles.)

To access, from your dashboard go to Settings: Child Development.

Custom background for Kiosk mode

Customize the background image that displays during Kiosk mode. Admin can upload a custom image under church settings.  Tip: We recommend a 3×5 ratio. 

Some ways you might use this feature:

Communicate important information to your parents or guests.  Note: If you put text on your image there will be some blurring. Our system automatically downgrades the image to ensure you have adequate bandwidth so your check-ins go smoothly.

Reflect some of the personality of your children’s ministry. You might upload an image of some of the kids from your children’s ministry, the ministry logo, etc..


A big THANK YOU to all our users who brought these feature ideas and bugs to our attention. You’re helping us make Kidmin better, so we’re better able to serve you.