Here’s your download

After you download the file…

Double click on the file to automatically extract the file. Then run “DymoPrinterFixer.exe” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Your computer might show a warning saying it’s not a safe file. You can safely ignore those warnings.

After it’s installed, you should also take a look at our test printing suite we made to help you troubleshoot other printing issues by clicking here. It will even let you print out a test label to ensure that the fix has been successfully applied.

Want to learn more about Kidmin App?

Kidmin App is a check-in system for churches that’s designed to help you do ministry better. Learn more <a href=”https://kidminapp.com”>here</a>!

Ryan Frank


“The Kidmin App is the most innovative check in system I’ve ever seen. It’s designed specifically for Children’s Ministry. This is a fantastic tool to <strong>help you and your team do ministry</strong>”.