Cut Your Bill In Half.

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Pre-register to switch to us and we will cut your monthly bill in half. If you’re paying $100 a month with another provider, you’ll only pay $50 with us. If you’re paying $50, it will only be $25 with us. Pre-register right now to save your spot!
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Cut My Bill In Half! Register Here!

We can only offer this rate if 250 churches pre-register. Help us spread the word!


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What does it look like?


6 Second Child Check In

Extremely fast check in. Typical check in only takes 6 seconds.

Smart Search

Search by parent name, phone number, or child name.

Detailed Child View

See who is checked in, checked out, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need Special Hardware?
Nope! KidMin App will work on Windows Computers, Macs, iPads, Tablets, and more. If you want to print labels you will need a Dymo printer (you probably already have this).

When Can We Switch To Your Checkin System?
We’re in private beta right now and we will be inviting more users in November. It’s extremely important to pre-register to reserve your spot and lock in the half off promotion.

How Long Will You Hold My Pre-Registration?
Once we contact you in November, we will hold your promotional half off price for 2 months. If you do not signup after two months, you will forfeit the special promotional price.

How Long Is My Price Guaranteed?
Your price is guaranteed for 2 years. After the 2 years we will be extremely competitive on price.