KMA Demo Video Walkthrough

Demo Video

We know time is just one of the many things ministry leaders are always short on, so the demo video will only take you five minutes to watch, but it still covers all the important things. Happy watching! For easy reference, the sections and times are included below the video.)

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Here’s what we covered:

  • (0:36-1:30) Check-in Options
    • Desk Check-in (0:36)
    • Kiosk Mode (1:06)
    • Express Check-in (next section)
  • (1:35-3:02) Mobile App Features for Parents
    • Express Check-in (1:55)
    • Electronic pick-up tag (2:41)
  • (3:06-3:48) Mobile App Features for Volunteers
    • Live Roster & Paging Feature (3:10)
    • Tag Scanner (3:37)
  • (3:50) Detailed Reports & Attendance Tracking
  • (4:19) What you’ll need to get started with the Kidmin AppĀ