Kidmin Hero Integration & Tag Printing Options.


Hello everyone, Jeff from Kidmin App here! I am excited to announce several important updates to Kidmin App. Now everyone can use the same mobile app, and we have even more tag printing options!

Everyone can use the same mobile app

We wanted to make things even easier. Now, parents and volunteers alike can do everything they need to from the same app. And it’s super simple for your Kidmin Hero users to move over.

Here’s how:

1. Download Kidmin App onto their mobile device from iTunes or the Google Play Store.
2. Log in to Kidmin App using their same account information.

And that’s it! There’s no need to delete or re-add your volunteers or parents.

TIP: Need to change someone to a volunteer? Go to your guardian database and click the name of the person you need to change. Set their role to volunteer. Click save and you’re done! For more details on how to do this check out our help article, “Changing Roles.”

More tag printing options available

Turn Tag Printing On/Off Depending on Class

We added the ability to turn child tag printing on or off depending on the class. You might disable tag printing for a class of older children who don’t need tags stuck to their shirts, but you’ll still see that they checked in. System Default: Enabled (meaning, child tags print for everyone unless you change the default!)

Bag Tag Printing Option

We added the ability to print a “bag tag” for backpacks/diaper bags. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of everyone’s items. System Default: Disabled (meaning, bag tags don’t print unless you change the default!)

To access both of these tag printing options, go to Classes Settings and click the class you want to change.


Thank you to all of the users that suggested these improvements!