Two quick updates to Kidmin App!


Hello friends! Paul from Kidmin App here.

Our team has been hard at work making Kidmin App even better and I’m pleased to announce 2 new improvements that are available right now!

First off the bat is a refreshed user interface. We were able to polish up a few rough edges, which should make training your volunteers even easier, and clear up a few points of confusion for new users.

The second improvement we released is for Express Check-Ins from the mobile app. We discovered that under certain network conditions, express check-ins could fail to print for a small number of our users. To address this we’ve added an additional fallback mechanism that will ensure prints always happen.

All of these changes are already live on your account and can be taken advantage of today!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled. We are wrapping up work on a bunch of new features based on YOUR feedback! We will have more news next week. We can’t wait to get them pushed live for you!