Webcam Support & User Management.


Hello everyone! Jeff from Kidmin App here.

Last week’s updates touched on visuals and improvements, while this week’s improvements focus on features.

More Flexible Options for Changing Roles

We added a selection box when determining user roles. Previously it was only possible to promote guardians, but that is no longer the case. You can now change a user’s role from guardian to volunteer. (Once someone is a volunteer, they can be promoted to admin.) But now, a volunteer can be changed back to a guardian at any point by the admin. This makes it a lot easier to manage staff, especially when dealing with temporary or fill-in volunteers – helping your permanent volunteers save time.

To access this feature, from your dashboard go to “Database” and pull up your guardian list. Select the user whose role is changing. At the bottom of their profile is a BLUE selection box that will allow you to change their role.

Webcam Capture

We also added support for webcams! Often times guardians are in a rush and want to create an account swiftly, or simply bypass the profile picture option on their phone. Profile pictures are an important part of a church’s security process, so giving volunteers the ability to add/update profile pictures at any time without using the mobile app helps to streamline the registration process.

Access this feature from any user’s profile.

Note: This feature is still in beta and requires Chrome or another modern browser. We will continue improving this feature in the coming weeks.

All of these changes are already live on your account and can be taken advantage of today! As always, if you have any questions or ideas for Kidmin App, contact us anytime. 😄