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1. What's Included With My Subscription?

Admin Dashboard - See how your ministry is doing with just a glance with the Admin Dashboard.

Mobile Apps For Volunteers - Scan tags and page a parent in just a tap (iOS and Android).

Unlimited Desk Check-In Stations - Setup as many check-in stations as you'd like with no additional fees!

Mobile Apps for Parents - Parents can check-in their kids before they step foot in church. No more waiting in line! (iOS and Android)

2. What Hardware Do I Need?

We've built the KidMin App to be flexible and work on a wide variety of systems. Here's what you need:

A Windows PC (or Mac)

To run the desk check-in station, you need a Windows PC. We recommend Windows 10, but 7 or 8 will be fine too. You can add as many check-in stations as you'd like at no additional cost.

A Dymo Printer

We really like the Dymo 450 Turbo. It can be bought on Amazon for around $55. You will need one printer for each check-in station and kiosk.

Windows 10 Tablet (Optional)

You will need a Windows 10 based tablet or PC if you want to add a kiosk station. This is an optional step. Kiosk stations let regularly attending parents skip the check-in line and check-in their kids by themselves.

That's it!

If you use your existing computer, all you need is a Dymo printer!

3. How Does The Parent App Work?

Cut the time parents wait in line by up to 60%!

1. Parents create their account

Parents create an account and add their kids. It only takes 30 seconds and they only have to do this once.

2. Parents check their kids in.

Parents select what children are attending and the service they're checking into.

3. Tag Pickup

Once parents reach the church, they can pick up their children's tags at the express check-in station.

4. You're all set!

Parents love this feature because they no longer have to wait in long lines. Parents can do an express check-in in less than 10 seconds. If you have parents that aren't tech savvy, they can still check-in at the front desk.

4. What is KidMin Hero (The Volunteer App), And How Does It Work?

Make your volunteer's jobs easier. Let them scan tags via their smart phone.

What is it?

Let's say a child gets sick and you need to reach a child's parents. Right now you need to walk them up to the front desk, rummage through a database, and try to find contact information. With KidMin Hero your volunteers can scan children's tags and page their parents with just a tap with just their cell phone!

Does it cost extra?

Nope! It's included with your subscription to KidMin App.

It's totally free for your volunteers to use.

5. Can I get an overview of the entire system?

Getting started with the KidMin App is incredibly easy. This 7 minute video will give you a brief overview of the entire system.


6. Are there any contracts? What if I'm not satisfied with your system?

There are no contracts. If you're unhappy you're free to cancel at anytime.

30 Day money back guarantee.

If you're not happy with your service, just let us know within the first 30 days and we will issue you a full refund.

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